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 " We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. "  T. S. Eliot  

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail."    Unknown


 "As yet, the wind is an untamed and unharnessed force and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries to be made hereafter will be the taming and harnessing of it." Abraham Lincoln (1860) 

What's Happening With The Low Oil Prices Throughout The World? "A Good Sweating" as John D. Rockefeller use to put it when they wanted to take control/consolidate the oil industry, drive out growing competition from small producers and ruin oil economies (such as Russia's economy). "Saudi Arabia 'sweating' competitors like Rockefeller did"

Per a March 5, 2012 article - Gas prices are slated to hit new highs within months. How might that affect the modest economic recovery? Here's a clue: Every 10-cent rise per gallon in gas prices costs the US economy $11 billion. Read here.

Amber The Worlds First Four-Hour Flywheel Energy Storage System For Utility-Scale Applications

Ionic Materials - The Possible Future in Battery/Electrical Storage

View on YouTube Of The Ionic Materials 5min Clip From Search For The Super Battery

1800watt Solar Generator

View "Gasland" on YouTube

Read "The History of the Standard Oil Company" by Ida Tarbell (rated within the top Five books for investigative journalism by the New York Times of the top 100 works of 20th-century American journalism)

Daniel Yergins website author "The Prize and The Quest"

View Daniel Yergin lectures/interviews about Oil on YouTube

James Howard Kunstlers website and blog

James Howard Kunstler Channel on YouTube

Per a March 5, 2012 article - Gas prices are slated to hit new highs within months. How might that affect the modest economic recovery? Here's a clue: Every 10-cent rise per gallon in gas prices costs the US economy $11 billion. Read Here

 "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet - Shakespeare

"If we don't change directions, we're likely to end up where we are going."
                      Chinese Proverb "The understanding of chemistry is the solution to the energy problem"

Oil and Fossil Fuel U.S. Subsidies Links

Listen to Antonia Juhasz on NPR's Fresh Air Explaining What Caused The Rise In High OIL Prices after the Senate passed the OMNI Bus bill containing the Commodities Futures Modernization Act/CFMA in Dec. 2000

The Contango Game: How Koch Industries Manipulates The Oil Market For Profit

C-Span Energy Secretary Testifies on Budget, Energy Loans, Gas Prices FY2013 on Thurs 03/09/12

Free Readable Online Book - "Sustainable Energy-Without The Hot Air" By David JC MacKay (Definitely worth reading, spot reading or for reference)

View YouTube Video Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

Terra Preta in Wikipedia (an ancient highly enriched soil (containing biochar) found in the Amazon Rainforest

Terra Preta View on Youtube videos on this ancient anthroprogenic highly enriched energetic growing soil

Visit Renewable/Alternative Energy-Northern/Midwest Region for many links to regional websites/companies.

The Energy Problem - Socialist Establishments Controlling OIL

There are too many lies, misconceptions, disinformation on peak oil and if it is real or not. The price of energy and gasoline is rising higher and faster than what people in the U.S. and the world will be able to afford. New radical solutions and ideas need to be experimented with to solve the energy problem before it is too late. There needs to be a New Manhatten Style Energy Project.

Oil - The No. 1 Source for Oil and Energy News

View the Documentary "GASHOLE" A film about the history of Oil prices and the future of alternative fuels.

Films For Action/Many Films on Petroleum/Peak Oil

View on YouTube - "The End of Suburbia" 52 minute documentary on Peak Oil.

Rolling Stone - April 25, 2013: Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

Rolling Stone - May 15, 2013: Everything Is Rigged, Continued: European Commission Raids Oil Companies in Price-Fixing Probe

gas prices history

Links on Wikipedia of OIL and INFLATION

Big Oil CEO's On YouTube

AMAZON WATCH Video-Chevrons Worst Excuses

Listen on YouTube - Coast To Coast AM Art Bell March 27, 2005 - The Coming Gas Crisis Based on Rolling Stone Article By James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler's website Author of several books on the Fate of Suburbia and "The Long Emergency" What will happen to the society we are so accustomed too when and if oil does peak and/or becomes to expensive.

Watch Youtube - Bye Bye Cheap Oil - Many documentaries and radio shows.

Energy Controllers of the past: Forest Laws (I wonder how many of these old families/investors are investors in todays energy co's? Also see below Hostmen of Newcastle)

Hostmen of Newcastle Upon Tyne (controllers of coal)

The Oil

"I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." Alan Greenspan - The Age Of Turbulence. Read the article in The Guardian on his book.

Search/Watch-The Rockefellers Full 2Hours 14Mins Documentary Originally From The History Channel The Family, How the Oil Industry Was Developed & Its Standards Of Practice Addicting The World To The Petroleum Model

Read about the CIA and the British overthrow of Irans democratically elected president in August, 1953.

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under JFK explains how we are being fooled by the petroleum companies who are purposely driving up the price of oil by creating artificial shortages through talk of peak oil.

View the documentary Oil Smoke and Mirrors (Full High Quality)

From The Wilderness - Michael Rupert's website More Original reporting on Peak Oil than any other site on the net.

View - The Documentary "Collapse" by Michael Rupert

View The Documentary - The Problem - Peak Oil - Part One Understanding and looking forward. (Whether peak oil or not the world can't continue on a roller coaster ride of peak and glut of oil continually rising the cost of oil and gasoline. We need other forms of energy)

"The Project For The New American Century" - Take a look at the Statement Of Principles and the NEOCons people who represent them. Read the PDF Rebuilding Americas Defenses Sept 2000. Controlling the Middle East Oil through war is part of the agenda.

U.S. Department of Energy - Beware!! Sometimes The Government Works For The Peoples Interest But Unfortunetly It Also Works For And With The Oil And Energy Co's. See

Also See U.S. Department of Energy - The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce - Standing Up For American Enterprise

U.S.G.S. - United States Geological Survey

Energy API - The American Petroleum Institute

Energy - An API Project

Big Oil Profit Charts

BP British Petroleum Oil Spill in the Gulf NOLA New Orleans, LA

Center For American Progress - Money Guzzlers Big Oil Profits Announced

A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash Website and Trailer

CRUDE IMPACT - Website and Trailer


"Amazon Crude on 60 Minutes"

Clean up Washington BIG OIL

Current Energy

Earth Justice-Oil

"Historical Oil Prices"

EV's Roll - History of Oil Prices

Huffington Post BP Gulf Oil Spill

Inflation Data/History of Crude Oil Prices By Edwin Black

View - Edwin Black - Lecture on book "Internal Combustion" How Corporations And Governments Addicted The World To Oil And Derailed The Alternatives

Author Edwin Blacks Website

"The Plan - How To Rescue Society The Day The Oil Stops - Or The Day Before" - Book by Edwin Black

View - Edwin Black Other Lectures

Koch Brothers Oil Manipulators and read about how proud they are of it

Life After The Oil Crash

Lindsey Williams Blog

"The Energy Non-Crisis" by Lindsey Williams

Oil Price Report: What Insiders Don't Want You to Know About "Peak Oil"

Tyranny of Oil


Investigation: Two Years After the BP Spill, A Hidden Health Crisis Festers Gulf residents and cleanup workers continue to suffer serious health problems from the 2010 disaster, but the oil giant is not being held to account. Antonia Juhasz


Who Killed The Electric Car?

What If We Never Run Out of Oil? (There is so much disinformation from Big Oil, you never really know what to believe)



BP British Petroleum

Chevron Texaco


Hunt Oil

O P E C - Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies

STANDARD Oil Company of USA

Texaco and Petroequador

Conoco Phillips

Exxon Mobil

Shell Oil


List of Oil Co's

Statutory Provisions and Guidelines of the Antitrust Division - The Sherman Antitrust Act at

Energy Solutions

Pure Energy Systems/PESWiki Energy News

PESWiki ENERGY NEWS and the Congress:Top 100:Complete List

1800watt Solar Generator Energy Storage Flywheel System

Device Harvests Electricity From Background Radiation - See on Art Bell's Dark Matter


Electric Generator 10KW Power at Harbor Freight LUCI Inflatable Solar Lights

dynamixx - is the worlds first energy and environmental/defence and security (EDS) consultancy.

The efficiency of Electric Cars is shown and explained here pg 261 in the book (above) "Sustainable Energy-Without The Hot Air" by David MacKay

Toshiba's New Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Recharges in Only One Minute (announced in 2005)


BioLite Stoves make cooking on wood as clean, safe & easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics off-grid.

The BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove combines the benefits of a backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal while charging your gadgets at a backcountry campsite.


A Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable


GasBuddy-Find the cheapest gas in your area

Cold Fusion LENR Is it real? Current Science website links

John - Dedicated to transforming the world into a sustainable, just and peaceful home where all beings can thrive.

The Ocean Energy Institute is a think-tank and venture capital fund founded in 2007 by Matthew R. Simmons aimed at addressing the challenges of U.S. offshore renewable energy.

View the Documentary "GASHOLE" A film about the history of Oil prices and the future of alternative fuels.

CHARGED - Electric Vehicles Magazine

Charged - Electric Vehicles article: Phinergy partners with Alcoa to commercialize its aluminum-air batteries

RHOADES CAR - The 4-Wheel Bike that drives like a car.

Terra Trike

The Cutting Edge - News - ENERGY

OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL - The Price of Oil- Exposing the true costs of fossil fuels

Environment America

iea - The International Energy Agency (in Paris) The IEA was set up to help with the energy problems/solutions. There still are energy problems in the world. Hopefully they are working for the people of the worlds best interest. If they are not... heaven help us.

View The IEA on YouTube. You decide are they for us or are they for the perpetuation of the petrochemical and dirty energy model?

Did you know that 1 Horsepower (HP) is equal to 746 watts? Learn more from Energy Conversion Charts.

Watch Videos At Siemens USA on Electromobility Future of Electric Cars, Charging and Smart Grids

Walt Disney's Original Plan for EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) Parts 1-3

SOLARI.COM Catherine Austin Fitts


Thrive New Energy Technology, Tesla and The Suppression Of New Energy Technologies

Fix The World Project


The Orion Project

Thomas Bearden Solution-The Orion Project

Other Research Papers-The Orion Project


Zap World Electric Vehicles


Jim Bell - Ecological Designer

American Antigravity

Cheniere - The Tom Bearden website

Electric Cars Are For...

EV WORLD-The Future In Motion

Gas To Electric Conversions

Gas 2 Electricity

High Frontiers - Nick Cook

"The Hunt For Zero Point"- Nick Cook

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Zero Emission HYDROGEN Powered. The Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicle of the Future. A Reality Today.


PESwiki Pure Energy Systems

Why Free Energy R&D Flounders
Read article at

Plug In America


Siemens Electromobility

Tesla Motors Roadster

Electric Volkswagen XL1 Article in the Daily Mail 300 miles to the gallon


Elio Motors Electric Car


Crude oil contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a group of more than 100 chemicals that are highly toxic and tend to persist in the environment for long periods. More possible evidence that crude oil is not made from dead rotting dinosaurs, fish, dead organic sea life, algae or any other ancient dead organic materials. The more likely origin of CRUDE OIL is that the earth creates it when hydrogen and carbon combine in the mantel under great pressures and heat while bombarded by the electromagnetic field that permeates the earth like a huge sealed pressurized microwave oven. The moon of Saturn Titans upper atmosphere is loaded with PAH's and are most likely found on most or all planetary objects and moons. That is how chemistry works throughout the universe.